Hey all! As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been working on a small collection of short horror fiction, or shorror fiction. The tentative title for the whole collection is “One Hour Left”, which would include several short stories for your enjoyment. One of the short stories included in that collection is “Down to Nothing”, a small story inspired by a nightmare I had some years ago which I wanted to share during this year’s spooky season.

Premise: A group of young addicts venture deep into an abandoned chemical plant looking for a new thrill, but find themselves trapped in a hellish nightmare from which they might never escape.

This is a new attempt at creating intense conceptual horror taking notes from some of my favorite authors, including the always amazing Junji Ito. I do hope you enjoy “Down to Nothing”, which is 6,100 words long, or 22 pages. Click on the image below to read it and if you like it, tell your friends!

If you like it don’t forget to also check out “Splint“, the other short horror story I published here and which will also be included in “One Hour Left”!

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