The Armor of God

“The Armor of God” is the first book in the trilogy, and it follows Ezra Blanchard as he discovers only he is capable of piloting a Creux, a powerful suit of armor capable of saving humanity from certain extinction.

The Armor Of God

The Unfinished World (Book #2)

“The Unfinished World” is the critically acclaimed sequel to “The Armor of God”, in which a group of Creux pilots venture into the wastelands of the world in search of the pieces that will complete Milos Ravana, The Armor of God, only to discover horrifying dangers about the world and themselves.

The Unfinished World (The Armor of God, Book #2)

The Riven God (Book #3)

“The Riven God” is the third and harrowing final book in the trilogy, in which the few remaining survivors must sacrifice everything to battle over the fate of humanity at the end of everything.

The Riven God (The Armor of God, Book #3)

Reverie of Gods

Complex in theme, intricate in plot and epic in scope, “Reverie of Gods” is an stand-alone sci-fi fantasy novel which explores humanity’s relationship with the gods through an exciting adventure.

Reverie of Gods