My name is Diego Valenzuela. I am a published author, screenwriter for animation, director and voice actor with experience in film, TV, videogames, comics and more.

My first novel, The Armor of God, was first published in English, chapter by chapter, through a blog, where it began to gather a small following. The finished novel was self-published in October 2014. The Unfinished World, the direct sequel and middle chapter of the trilogy, was published in December 2015 to rave reviews from best-selling authors such as Piers Anthony and María Amparo Escandón. Finally, in 2019, The Riven God closed the trilogy. The original book has now been published in Spanish under the title La Armadura de Dios thanks to Penguin Random House publishing group. In the space between books two and three of the trilogy, I also finished and published Reverie of Gods, an epic stand-alone sci-fi adventure.

In 2016 I joined the team behind Villianous, an original series by Cartoon Network, as a screenwriter and eventually Story Editor, the first season of which reached #1 in HBO Max during its release. This began my career in the animation industry and, eventually, voice acting. I also work as a screenwriter and Story Editor in the animated series Rey Mysterio Vs. the Darkness from the Viva Calavera creative team. I have also worked as a screenwriter and story editor for two new IPs for Team Toon Studio and as a screenwriter for feature length films by Mako Animation Studio (currently in pre-production). I have also written comics and very successful webcomics for clients such as Cartoon Network and the UNEP.

As of late 2021, I joined the creative team for the upcoming RTS IMMORTAL: Gates of Pyre as a writer/narrative designer and voice artist. Additionally I was the lead narrative designer of RKGK / Rakugaki from Wabisabi Games, published by Gearbox.

As a voice actor and performer, I have had the privilege of working on dozens of projects such as VillainousSummer Camp Island, Sing 2, Halo: Infinite, Horizon: Forbidden West and many more. I’ve had the enormous pleasure of voicing fan-favorite characters such as Razor Fist in Marvel’s Shang Chi & the Legend of the Ten Rings, Moon Knight in Marvel’s Spiderman: Maximum Venom, Soundwave in Bumblebee. and Battletrap in Transformers: Rise of the Beasts. Additionally I wrote, voice and was a live motion capture performer for Miauricio, the new mascot of Mexico’s Canal 5.

I was also the vocalist and lyricist for the progressive metal band Watercolor Butterfly, which was awarded for its debut album, The God Particle. In my spare time, I enjoy working on a series of video tutorials on YouTube called El Laberinto, con Kai y Jim, where I give voice to two characters who seek to share knowledge and teach young writers on the writer’s craft. I also enjoy digital illustration and bodybuilding.