Reverie of Gods


If emancipation is essential for a child’s independence, why do we hold on to our heavenly parents, our gods, even when breathing our last?

Nothing is left to faith in a world where Man can converse with the gods through prayer. Yet, even when its existence is undeniable, outsider Leander Rainsborough remains uninterested in the divine. Caught in a series of sudden tragedies and mysterious encounters, Leander is taken from his life of miserable exile and trapped in a vast and complex web of corruption. Leander will not only discover his ability to love and his capacity for faith, but also the disturbing secrets behind the creation of his world, and the gods who control it.

Intricate in plot, complex in theme and epic in scope, Reverie of Gods is a stand-alone fantasy and science fiction novel that explores Man’s relationship with faith and religion through a “strong, and exciting adventure” (Scott Williams, CBS Writer).

Praise for “Reverie of Gods”

A must-read. Borges goes sci-fi fantasy. You want to be among the first to discover Diego Valenzuela!” – María A. Escandón, best-selling author of González & Daughter Trucking Co.

A complex tapestry. Well worth your while if you want a mental challenge.” – Piers Anthony, best-selling author of the Xanth series.

“A very strong novel.” – Scott Williams, Writer, CBS.

A sci-fi epic with labyrinthine twists, turns, and much more depth that meets the eye.” – Humberto Cervera, Producer, Cartoon Network

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