Few can pilot them. Fewer can control them. The future is in their hands.


The first book in this epic sci-fi trilogy, THE ARMOR OF GOD, is set in a once-beautiful planet razed by a malignant alien virus called the Laani. Having effectively shielded itself from the wreckage of the world, the last remaining human settlement is Roue. Within this domed city, the last humans live comfortable lives, awaiting their inevitable extinction.

In the year of his eighteenth birthday, Ezra Blanchard must take part in military service, but when the army discovers that Ezra’s blood possesses extremely rare qualities, he is placed to be trained in Zenith, a top secret facility hidden from the citizens of Roue where Ezra discovers humanity’s last glimmer of hope: the Creux. These mysterious suits of armor of unknown origin and unimaginable power are the only weapon capable of battling the Laani virus on a microscopic level, and one of them can only be piloted by Ezra, a young man who doesn’t even believe humanity has a future.

Ezra enters an exciting new world full of new friends, new enemies, and new challenges, quickly understanding that training to pilot the Creux is not easy for body, mind, or spirit, and that Zenith, and its inhabitants, could hold some very dark secrets.

Press & Praise

[The Armor of God] shows wonderful promise. This story has power, and leaves me interested in the sequel.

– Piers Anthony, best-selling author of the Xanth series.

For fans of science fiction and fantasy, it doesn’t get much better than this!

– María A. Escandón, best-selling author of González & Daughter Trucking Co.

“An unusual, original sci-fi book that will be absorbing and engaging even for people who don’t usually read the genre.”

– Gabriella West, author of Time of Grace

“Engrossing, imaginative and intense, The Armor of God is a triumph of military science fiction that explores the personal and technological elements of the world, with a plot that ticks quickly along, drawing your deeper into the mystery.”

– Jake Grey, author of Dark & Day

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