You Can Still Save The World


The time has come for humanity to take the last stand against the threat of extinction, and the Creux, once the only hope for survival, may have turned against them. Fighting through earth, hell, and heaven, the few remaining survivors must wield The Armor of God and find a way to stop a monstrous god, but doing so might mean making the ultimate sacrifice.

Now, finally near the end of the journey, and with all human life hanging in the balance, Ezra Blanchard must make a choice that could have consequences far beyond his reach and understanding.

The walls of the labyrinth have been shattered, and everything comes together for the final battle on the surface of a world on the brink of destruction . . . or salvation. Some will fall, some will rise, and nothing is certain in “The Riven God”, the final installment in this epic science fiction trilogy.

Press & Praise

“For those who enjoy action-packed and epic sci-fi or fantasy with a beating, bleeding heart, you won’t be disappointed, even if you may end up emotionally drained by the end.

– Ryan Gallant, author of Crimson Zero.

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