Beastrocity is my solo project, which was mainly created as a platform to write and release tracks written by myself, without the more advanced labels and responsibilities of Watercolor Butterfly. It started with the main riff of a song called “Heaven in my Hell”, and for over a year has developed into a ten-track first album called Atavism.

Beastrocity - AtavismAbout Atavism

It all started with a weird riff in 9/8 time. “Hey, that sounds cool,” I thought. Slowly, as I began to understand the complex nature of harmony and chord progressions, a song began to take shape. Eventually, it was finished and I couldn’t have felt any more proud. Ever since, I began to experiment and try new things with songwriting, every new attempt being a little more competent than the last as my understanding of composition improved thanks to the help of my bandmates and musician friends. Now, I have a 10-track album almost entirely finished and waiting to be recorded.

Unlike Watercolor Butterfly, the sound of Atavism will be far more mellow, comparable (in mood only, of course) to Opeth’s Damnation. Expect simple melodies, simple harmonies, depressing lyrics and not a lot of virtuosity; just emotion.

As it is meant to be an exercise in learning and creativity, the idea of Atavism, and Beastrocity, is not to make a career as a solo musician; my band comes first. The album will be available before the end of the year on iTunes, but you will also be able to download it for free right here.

Track List

  1. Early Mourning
  2. The Hollow Grounds
  3. Heaven in my Hell
  4. In Your Rain
  5. Pulse Scythe
  6. The Endless Hallways
  7. Lullaby for an Animal
  8. Break the Fall
  9. The Wolves of Winter Fell
  10. The Flesh and the Bones*

* separate release.

Expect more news regarding Atavism, as well as the first single’s lyric video, very soon.



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