I have very vivid memories of sitting down in front of this very computer to write this post, in which I talk about the very strong emotions felt on May 15th, 2017, over two years ago, when “Villainous”—my first ever TV writing gig!—debuted on Cartoon Network to a ridiculously warm reception.

It’s been little over two years and now here I am again, now writing about the minute and forty five seconds of animation I wrote for that first time “Villainous” saw the light. Suddenly we’re here waiting of an actual full-sized episode! All within two years!

It’s funny how different it feels to write this this time. Back then, I didn’t know almost anyone involved in the creation of the show. I didn’t know how big it was going to become. Today, it’s so different, and so much better and more powerful for it, and not only because of the scope of the episode and its launch.

Since that day two years ago, I’ve become an official part of A.I. Animation, made very close friends with the crew behind the show, have had the chance to work closely in the development of storylines, naturally of writing the screenplay, give voice to characters, and so much more.

Some of the characters you will meet today are new to you and I cannot begin to explain how wonderful it was to see them grow from a bunch of letters on a white background in my screenplay, to sketches, to fully voiced, living and breathing characters. Thanks to my current standing within the crew, I am far more educated today on the incredible efforts that go into animation and art within A.I. Animation and every frame is still absolute magic to me. I cannot overstate just how talented these guys are.

Once you’ve all seen the episode I’d love to talk more about it, the story, the way its presented and the many things about it that make me so proud to be a part of it. For now, I can only say that I feel proud and humbled and incredibly emotional to think we’ve finally reached this massive milestone and of course I want to thank Alan, every single current and past member of A.I. Animation, the people in Cartoon Network who helped make this possible, all the wonderful voice and music talent, and everyone else who put a tiny bit of their souls to make this monster real. Oh and, of course, all the wonderful fans whose support made it all happen.

Thank you! Thank you thank you thank you and congratulations!

Watch it, watch it again, then watch it some more and remember: this Dawn is just the beginning. Enjoy “The Dreadful Dawn”!

Have a hug, everyone!