Watercolor Butterfly is a progressive metal band formed in 2009 in Mexico City. First put together by Ricardo Pacheco (Guitars and Backing Vocals), he was soon Norberto Ortiz (Keys) and Lalo Romero (Drums). After over a year of searching for a vocalist, Diego “Beast” Valenzuela (Lead Clean/Harsh Vocals) joined in. A year later, after the former bassist’s sudden departure, Alex López (Bass) was added to complete the lineup of Watercolor Butterfly just in time for the recording of their first album, The God Particle. We are currently working on a second album, tentatively titled Panopticon.

Watercolor Butterfly - The God Particle

Watercolor Butterfly – The God Particle

About The God Particle:

Our debut album, The God Particle was released digitally in late 2012, and physically in 2013 through Helvette Records. The album was recorded at Oz Recording Studios, and mastered at ArtCo Recording Studios by Erick Urbina. It was the culmination of many years of work and was very warmly received by critics and audiences. In 2013, it was nominated for “Best Metal Album of the Year” by the INDIE-O Music Awards, and named the tenth best album of 2013 by Familia Perro.

Track List:

  1. Overture
  2. Dance of the Beast
  3. Sacrifice My Name
  4. Mortal Coils
  5. Lightless Firefly
  6. The Cathedral
  7. Between Asleep & Awake Pt. 1
  8. Between Asleep & Awake Pt. 2

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Praise for The God Particle:

“…I’m hoping that executives in cushy positions catch wind of Watercolor Butterfly. As much as I dig The God Particle, I know these motherfuckers are capable of destroying it with future releases. Check out the tyrannical riffs of “Sacrifice My Name” and the deliberate harmonies of “Lightless Firefly.” That’s some good shit.”.

“The extreme progressive style rooted in songs like The Cathedral and melodic exquisiteness of Between Asleep and Awake Pt I make for a well-rounded album of extremes.”

“…manages to transcend the limitations of its genre without forfeiting what fans love to hear.”

“Watercolor Butterfly nos demuestra con este disco que tienen un costal tamaño jumbo lleno de armas y recursos para darnos temas variopintos y llenos de emoción”.

“The God Particle, contiene una riqueza de sonidos amplia”.

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