It really wasn’t that long ago that I was called into the Cartoon Network Mexico office and was asked to write 15-second shorts “for an upcoming show”.

And today here we are: “Villainous”, on the same platform as “Game of Thrones”, “Harry Potter” and hundreds of other top-shelf award-winning pieces of entertainment that have always been sources of inspiration.

I’ve never been more proud to be a part of something and of being able to show the product of my work as a writer and a voice actor. The feeling is indescribable and, just a few years ago, seemed absolutely impossible.

And now imagine: a few days after its launch, “Villainous” made it to the #1 spot of the Most Watched content in the entire HBO Max platform! More people were watching our show than they were watching “Friends” or “House, MD.” It’s nuts, and it fills me with so much pride I might explode!

I’ll write more but thank you everyone who put me here. Thank you forever Alan Ituriel for the infinite amount of affection, of lessons, of opportunities and trust you’ve shown me both as a writer and as a voice actor. Thank you everyone who is or has been a part of AI ANimation Studios for your expemplary work (and all the laughs). Thank you Jaime Jiménez, Hernán LaGreca and the entire CN team who gave this project a chance. Thank you José Enrique Iñesta and the entire Pixelatl crew for making it all possible and believing in it. Thank you to my fiancé Marisol for helping me get through everything, the support and inspiration.

And last but absolutely not least: thank everyone who chooses to give these episodes a chance. I sincerely hope you enjoy them half as much as I enjoyed working on them, and more. This is a dream come true, but hopefully just the beginning. Let’s dream harder and work for it!