Hello folks!

Time goes by like a bastard, and it’s now been almost half a year since I released The Armor of God. I had a plan to release another unrelated novel which I already finished between books one and two, but I was convinced otherwise. I began work on The Unfinished World early this year, so I wanted to give you all a short update.

First, the big reveal!

This is the cover art for The Unfinished World!


Art by Alvaro de Cossio

Art by Alvaro de Cossio

Out of all three covers (yes, I have all three already), I think #2 is my favorite. What do you think?

Now, on to the book itself. I’m about 40% done with it. Writing book two is far more challenging because I’ve given myself very little elbow room. I have this vision of avoiding something that is very common in Young Adult books, and it’s how the sequels tend to re-start from a scratch, needing to build momentum. My idea for The Unfinished World, and the whole trilogy, is that they could almost work if they were put together as one big giant book.

What does this mean? It means I don’t want book two to lose any momentum. Considering the ending of the first book, I want new readers to be able to pick up the sequel and don’t feel like the story slowed down at all. This sequel begins where the first one left off, and it will keep pushing forward with some strategic breathers. I’m very glad that alpha readers are telling me that this is working. I keep needing to go back for some tweaks but I’m convinced this book will be in every way better than book one.

Now, let me share with you the chapter titles of the book (some of which are, naturally, subject to change). Since my chapter titles are generally very ambiguous or abstract, this does not represent spoilers, so don’t worry (not even the Epilogue’s title).

No Spoilers / Subject to Change

No Spoilers / Subject to Change

Now to wrap this up, here are a few quick things to consider about The Unfinished World.

  • It picks up right where the first one left off.
  • It’s told through two different POVs, as opposed to book one, where we only followed Ezra.
  • There is a massive revelation about the Creux in the Prologue (but you need to put it together yourself).
  • There are at least three big character deaths.
  • There are at least two big Creux “deaths”.
  • But there are new Creuxen!
  • Love and relationships play an important part.
  • As most middle children in trilogies, it’s considerably darker than book one.
  • Also considerably sadder than book one.
  • It ends on a big cliffhanger.
  • We get to spend more time with the other pilots of Zenith.
  • There’s an unexpected return.

Yes, I am extremely excited to share this information with you. Stick around for more updates on book two, the new edition of book one, the Zenith New Arrival’s Handbook I’m releasing for free next month, and other upcoming projects.

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