Hey all! I’ve begun working on a new short novel called “In Ashes Sleep”, book one of the “Ash Tree City Tales” series, my first go at writing noir and comedy.  As I did with “The Armor of God” when it was originally published, I’ll be adding chapters to this novel for you to read right here as I write them!


In the first story of this subversive supernatural noir comedy, a grumpy werewolf detective and his human partner-slash-lover must uncover a needlessly complicated plot behind a sudden outbreak of immortality in Ash Tree City.

Behind them stand a short-tempred minotaur Chief of Police, a network of secret contacts in the city’s underworld, and a former god . . . opposing, pretty much every human, monster and other living thing.

“In Ashes Sleep” is the first story featuring Boomer Hill, Werewolf Detective.


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