Words cannot express the excitement it brings me to finally write these words.

After nine years of work, I can finally reveal to you the first novel I wrote: Reverie of Gods.

Cover art by José Luis Díaz

This is the novel I wrote and worked on for years before The Armor of God was even a shower thought. This is the novel for which I wrote The Armor of God. This is my baby, and a ghost that has been haunting me for nine years. And now, after so much working and fine tuning, I can reveal all about it to you.

This is the back-of-the-cover synopsis:

If emancipation is essential for a child’s independence, why do we hold on to our heavenly parents, our gods, even when drawing our last breath?

Nothing is left to faith in a world where Man can converse with the gods through prayer. And even when their existence is undeniable, Leander Rainsborough remains uninterested in the divine.

Caught in a series of sudden tragedies and mysterious encounters, Leander is taken from his life of miserable exile and trapped in a vast and complex web of lies, corruption, and death. Leander will not only discover his own capacity for love and faith, but also the disturbing secrets behind the creation of his world, and the beings who control it.

Intricate in plot, complex in theme, and epic in scope, “Reverie of Gods” is a stand-alone fantasy and science fiction novel that explores Man’s relationship with God through an exciting globe-trotting adventure

Unlike The Armor of God, Reverie of Gods is not a young adult novel and doesn’t really share Armor’s pacing or style. It’s significantly longer, and aimed at an adult market, with all the liberties and implications that carries. Meaning there’s sex and violence but also something to say (in this case, about god, faith, and religion).

The book will be released on April 23rd, 2017 on digital and print platforms.

There are a lot of secrets hidden within this book, and you can be sure I’ll be releasing more and more material soon. Meanwhile, feel free to add Reverie of Gods on GoodReads.