This entire thing was originally written for Facebook, but then I suddenly realized that a lot of people who are not my Facebook friends are actually involved in this,so I might as well publish it publicly for all of you to read.

After the depressing clusterfuck of unfortunate events that was most of 2013, it was a relief to see that the resolution I made on Jan 1st to stop being a wuss, and quit all the self-loathing bullshit I was putting myself through, bore some fruit. Delicious fruit that would probably go great with yogurt.

I published a book, after sixteen years of wanting to become a writer, which was a pretty huge deal. It delights me to see the book is selling reasonably well, and that readers are sincerely loving it. I went back to the studio to record one amazing song with Watercolor Butterfly. Thanks to the help of too many people to name here (but you know them, if you’ve been reading), I heard a couple of heartbeats coming from Wolf in a Gorilla Suit. I had my lesser dream of writing for a video game come true thanks to Chaos Industries and “Agent Awesome”. I was paid to write for an animated TV show. I wrote a couple of articles for ELHYP3that earned me some great Twitter followers and interactions. I got more responsibilities at my job, and I like to think I did well with them.

My eldest brother got engaged. My other brother had a ridiculously adorable baby girl. My sister finally got a great job she’s good at. My parents are as happy as ever. Holy shit.

Then, after a year and a half of moping and blaming myself for losing someone’s affection, I finally put the missing pieces together and realized that it was not my fault, and really for the best — at least for me, hopefully for her as well. It took a while, but I can close that bittersweet chapter of my life and hopefully move on to something better.

More importantly, I made a ridiculous amount of new friends and acquaintances in the span of just a few months, which was totally cool and unthinkable just a few years back.

I know there’s a lot coming up for me in 2015. There’s The Unfinished World which I’m hard at work on, and my favorite monster, Reverie of Gods. There’s Atavism. Hopefully other smaller projects take off in their own way. I hope to see this blog get marginally out of obscurity next year.

Apparently all I had to do to get out of a funk was to decide to deal with it. To the folks who helped make this a phenomenal year following a gutterfuck, and that definitely includes everyone who’s visited this blog, read my book, or connected with me online, I extend my sincere thanks.


Hopefully Joss Whedon isn’t writing my life because that is a horrifying thought.