In The Armor of God, the main characters are identified as pilots for the mysterious and powerful suits of armor named Creux. There are twenty six known Creux, though only a handful remain operational, either because the others are still vacant, or because they were destroyed in battle.

It is a pleasure to give you the official Concept Art for two of the main Creux suits. The artwork was made by the fantastic Álvaro de Cossio (find him on DeviantArt here).


Meet Besoe Nandi

Besoe Nandi (AKA. The Minotaur)

“He’s a badass.” -Alice Nolan, pilot of Absolute Omega.

Also known as “The Minotaur” Besoe Nandi is Creux Model c-21. It was discovered by a young farmer in the year 525 AF, and promptly taken into Zenith custody. It is a fully armored Tank-class Creux. He is one of the largest and strongest in the Zenith roster, and piloting it requires great strength of body and mind. Technomantic energy converges in the space between his horns, and is shot through his hands in a powerful blast. It is his bulky shape and horns that earned it its alias, “The Minotaur”.


Meet Milos Ravana

Milos Ravana

Milos has taken more lives than any other Creux. There seems to be something vicious about it—like it wants to kill. -Alice Nolan.

Milos Ravana, also known as “The Armor of God”, has become a spook story within Zenith. It is by leagues the strongest and most powerful Creux, absolutely unmatched by any other in the roster. However, it is also the most mysterious. Four times already, Milos Ravana has found an apparent match, only to kill the prospective pilot when synchronization was attempted. One of the victims was Jeremy Mizrahi, one of the founders of Zenith. After the fourth false match, Milos Ravana was deemed a danger, and was then discontinued from use, except for study purposes. What secrets does The Armor of God keep?