Lately I’ve been talking about “dreams coming true” a lot. As it turns out I have many dreams of which I wasn’t entirely aware, and what could very well be the best year of my life is doing a great job at making them come true.

But saying that doing the voice of a Transformer in an official movie is a dream come true would not be entirely accurate—mainly because that concept was so ridiculously farfetched just months ago, that it doesn’t even qualify as a dream. It would be like a 30 year old who’s never played football “dreaming” of sacking a QB during the SuperBowl. It’s not the kind of thing that happens.

And yet, for me, somehow, it did. I can finally come and say that I had the absolute pleasure of voicing Soundwave, the badass Decepticon, in the movie “Bumblebee”’s Latin American Spanish dub.

Soundwave and I (infinite thanks to my beautiful girlfriend for this gift)

I adore the Transformers in ways I can’t even explain, mainly because it’s a love I discovered as an adult—I didn’t really watch it much when I was a kid. I have no delusions regarding the brand’s original intention, but there’s something about the characters, their struggles and personalities, that really resonates with me. Or maybe I just like giant robots punching each other.

I did several voices during the film, including a nameless Autobot, but I will never forget hearing my own voice getting Decepticon-ized and feeling like a 50 ft tall robot for a few minutes. It’s a feeling I can’t begin to describe to myself, and I will never stop being thankful for everything and everyone who made this dream come true for me—namely director José Antonio Macías, whom I have the nerve of calling a mentor. This was a Christmas gift I will never forget.

Go watch “Bumblebee”. The movie is fantastic, full of heart, and when you see a big blue Decepticon launching an attack, you’ll know that the sound you hear might be the sound of a dream coming true.