The book is coming in just four days! We have over 1,000 Likes on Facebook! This calls for celebration, so let me introduce you to two very special ladies.

Meet Creux model c-22: Jade Arjuna, and Creux model c-15: Rose Xibalba. These two ladies play a paramount role in the story, and can and probably will kick your ass.

Meet Jade Arjuna

Jade Arjuna
“She is awesome. She’s the one I wish I could pilot.”
– Alice Nolan, on Jade Arjuna.

Jade is the favorite Creux of almost every female (and some male) pilot in Zenith. She is fast, she is strong, and the bow which collapses from her left forearm, and her built-in sights, grants her a role as an excellent long range attack Creux.

Meet Rose Xibalba

Rose Xibalba
“Killing someone with a shield also gets the job done, but that’s not what shields are for.”
– Garros Parks, on Rose Xibalba.
Creux model c-15, Rose Xibalba, is a female support type Creux. She is light on her feet, extremely durable, and capable of casting a protective mantle using bits of her armor. Should the pilot wish it, however, Rose can still throw quite a punch.